The Senate passage of the Inflation Reduction Act—with House passage assured this week—is a truly historic achievement. While of course not as sweeping as President Biden and almost all Democrats wanted, this bill is by far the largest effort to deal with climate change in the…
Make America America Again
West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency decision could be even more devasting than last week's pro-gun and anti-woman rulings
The Supreme Court Decision Returning Women to Status of Property Is Part of a Program to "Take America Back" to Before 1964
Here are the Lineups
Anne, our children and grandchildren, friends, my real (adoptive) parents, the uterus of Annabelle Louise Compher (a woman I never met after I left it…
Reminded by Heather Cox Richardson’s Letter from an American this morning that yesterday was the 158th anniversary of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and…
Substitute a Single Letter for "Tr"
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